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7th July 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Sorry for taking so long to post but, I bought myself the xbox 360 version of the game and first time I started it up I didn't stop till I had finished the campaign as it was very fun (took me about 10 hours). I haven't played the old ones before but the game mainly focuses on Shell Schock which has occured to him after something which has happened in the previous games. Luckily there was a good 3-5 minute intro and the cinematics are nice to. Graphics The game looks good in general yet I thought that the characters looked great. The game contains some real 'nice' gore (less than gears) yet just enough to keep you satisfied, such as amputations or some blood. That brings us to the action cam. The action came engages nearly everytime you make a headshot or grenade kill, whereby you view zooms in and you see the action in slow-mo. Story As I said the game is based upon Baker's trauma. Yet the game is entirely set in Holland during Operation Market Garden. (the country-side doesn't really look like Holland, I live in Amsterdam). During the game some characters get injured and well.... SPOILER some die spoiler over I liked the story and was really pulled into and it was interested as the soldiers and therebond really seemed real. Multiplayer & replay The multiplayer is as most people say *ok* it is interesting yet (on the xbox) there were classes, but no choice to switch between them by choice. It is possible to slightly adjust what your character looks like but this is minimal. It definatly doesn't have as much action as CoD or any other new game, but well it isn't a pain to play and there were some servers. The game does slightly fail with it's replay. The missions are fun, but lack any source of co-op so I'm rarely ever going to play them ever again unless, I might want to find the hidden 'killroys' scattered thoughout the levels. Gt: SammydesinasNL I'd say try to rent/lend this game or buy it at a place where you can bring it back if you don't like it. Or as it probably costs the same, buy something such as CoD (if you want WWII anyway) hope it helps you , Sam