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#1 14 years ago

Vice City Multiplayer is a modification for the PC version of the GTA: Vice City. The Official site URL is here is the official release post from the website below. VC:MP 0.3 is released!Download it here: VC:MP 0.3 Client Windows Server Linux Server mIRC rcon dll

This version is a "back to basics" approach.

we started over from 0.1d source, then made the following improvements:

upgrades: netcode(allows 50 players now) sync(smoother sync overall) browser(SA:MP browser interface) admin(in-game commands added)

features: synced pickups(defined thru ini) maximum flight height raised tires popping is synced added chat commands /msg and /me armour bars added above health bars bugs fixed

- more to come...

- VC:MP 0.3 team (Falcon, Jeranamo, and bakasan)

special thanks: SA:MP team littlewhitey VC:MP betateam GTAForums

You might also need this file here aswell for the mod to work properly. Download This