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#1 14 years ago

Vice City Multiplayer is a modification for the PC version of the GTA: Vice City. The Official site URL is here is the official release post from the website below. VC:MP 0.3 is released!Download it here: VC:MP 0.3 Client Windows Server Linux Server mIRC rcon dll

This version is a "back to basics" approach.

we started over from 0.1d source, then made the following improvements:

upgrades: netcode(allows 50 players now) sync(smoother sync overall) browser(SA:MP browser interface) admin(in-game commands added)

features: synced pickups(defined thru ini) maximum flight height raised tires popping is synced added chat commands /msg and /me armour bars added above health bars bugs fixed

- more to come...

- VC:MP 0.3 team (Falcon, Jeranamo, and bakasan)

special thanks: SA:MP team littlewhitey VC:MP betateam GTAForums

You might also need this file here aswell for the mod to work properly. Download This



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5th November 2006

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#2 14 years ago

I played Multi Theft Auto, I think it's much better. VCMP is confusing, but people have their opinions. But, I'm sure more people play Vice City Multiplayer than Multi Theft Auto. Multi Theft Auto is having alot of problems at the moment.