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The Gamestate / PB Guid Update:

The last update on this was that it is in testing and will be released when finished testing. There have been no further updates to this news because there have been no further updates. There were some issues discovered during testing, which is why we test updates before they are released, which have caused it to under go further testing.

It has finished testing however, and will be released when ready. Of course we never give out release dates or time frames so please don't expect one.

This update, as stated before will include the fix for the issue keeping Modders from using the increased 128k gamestate as well as a fix for the PB Guid issue.

Whats Happening Around Infinity Ward: Over the past month, I have been feverishly working on a new website for Infinity Ward to replace the exisiting Infinityward.com. The new site will host a load of features for the Call Of Duty enthusist including strategies, top-down view maps for tactic planning, exclusive videos and behind the scenes looks at game development. Among many other resources to explore and enjoy.

Theres no time frame [as always] on when we'll be launching this new website, however development of it is coming along great and I hope all IW gamers will find it helpful and useful to their gaming.

The big question on everyones mind. Will this new site have its own forums?

We are working and talking extensively with the crew here at IWN about exactly what is in store for the IWN community. We'll [IW and IWN staff] will be working on that and giving you word as soon as we decide on something final.