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21st May 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Ive always been a BIG fan of cod and coduo so the day that cod2 was released i went out bought it, rushed home to install it straight away and uninstalled it 2 hours later. After playing multiplayer i said id never play it again (version 1.0) i couldnt believe the ammount of wall hacks and cheats that were available for it and boy were people using them :eek: no punkbuster!! Looking past all the cheats people were using at the time the game sucked anyway...the first thing i did was press the alt key to sprint and shock horror nothing happened :mad: i thought the game was meant to be progressing not going backwards! As it happened i picked a server with a mod for sprinting on it, the mod was a horse head popping up infront of me :eek: i didnt know to laugh or cry. Whats with the health system?? have i got health or not?? errr errr?? anyone know?? hang on ill just check :moon: nope still dont know lol. The kara98k rifle was and is my fav weapon, wow they totaly destroyed it!!it sounds like a pea shooter, its as accurate as a pea shooter and does the same damage as a pea shooter (if there was damage that is)...HEY ITS A PEA SHOOTER! Anyway i can go on about all the sucky weapons, sounds and cheats all day...The graphics are realy nice but thats about it, the rest of it is awful and the game play beggers belief. Ever since then its been gathering dust on my shelf... until today!! :naughty: i thought id give activisions flag ship a second try on the latest patch. I installed the 1.3.... i did a manual install of pb :rolleyes: some reason it wasnt auto updating???? who cares just another sucky part of cod2. 6300 servers of utter ****! of which 6299 were empty lol. If anyone wants this cd then message me and you can have it for FREEEEEEE just take it away PLZZZZZZZZ you'll be doing me the greatest favour in the whole world!


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20th November 2004

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#2 12 years ago


I love COD2, but then I was never a big fan of UO.

The kar98k in COD2 is more powerful than in COD/UO - take it from me, I've seen the script in callback_playerdamage(), and seen the settings in the kar weapons file. It has HIGH damage (nearly 1 shot one kill).

COD2 takes getting used to - like all games.