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#1 13 years ago

Hi Guys, is soon to go live, however we would like some BETA testers if anyone is interested.

What is CoD Games? It is a Place for People who Enjoy the Call of Duty Series to Play Matches against others that they do not know. We will be hosting a range of free to enter games and also some pay to enter games whereby it will cost money to enter and the winner/winning team will of course win more money back.

Where are we at so far? Currently, we have the main bulk of the site completed and need some testers to try out a competition and see what they think about the whole system and give us feedback on any changes if they wish. We are also aware there are some dead/dodgey links on the site, these will all be corrected shortly :)

Is there any benefit of being a BETA tester, Why not wait till the real deal? All of our BETA Testers who participate will receive "free money" to play proper live games once we are fully setup.

Pop along and sign up today, there is an initial test match tomorrow at 8pm UK time however for the benefit of all testers, there will be many more coming icon_smile.gif

Thanks for reading,


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#2 13 years ago

hey Ben. havent seen you at IWN for a long time.

i dont do comps anymore, but good luck with it all :)


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#3 13 years ago

Hi Tally, Yes, I havent been Posting on IWN for a bit, I stopped doing some mods for CoD at the moment (not that i ever did any big ones, just like my clan mod etc :P ) and started doing some php and web stuff.

I will be back on IWN soon i think though ;) especially when the next CoD Series for PC comes out :)

Anyway, cheers for the Good Luck.