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#1 14 years ago

With the officers all set up for the new campaign, the beginning is just around the corner! The Axis and Allies are set to battle for the European continent in many new ways and many new locations! With an extremely fun mod nearing completion, and a LOT of new custom maps added to our rotation, you can be sure that things will be exciting every time you play! Visit and fight for ports, railroads, hills, dusty cities, snowy fields, and foggy farms. You’ll be joined by hundreds of fellow soldiers as you fight off the Axis Huns or defend the European continent from the Allied invaders!

Coming off a win in the last campaign, the Allied forces are confidant that they can repeat and defeat the Axis once again. The Axis know, however, that they have won in the past, and can do it again. Each side is confidant that they have the abilities and leadership to win. However, with 16+ new custom maps, both sides will have to figure out new strategies to defeat their opponent. Will it come down to who has more men to throw in the gauntlet, or will it be a battle of wits where a few sneaky counter-attacks and flanking movements makes all the difference? Only time will tell!

Don’t forget about out hosting opportunities! We’re offering hosting to ANYONE with a need! Clans, mappers, modders: heed my call! If you need a European or American server, if you need TeamSpeak channels, if you need forum space, come to us! We’ll hook you up! We’re also interested in hosting anything you guys have, even if you don’t need anything else from us! We’d love to add your map to our rotation, or your mod to one of our servers, so drop us a line and we’ll get things sorted out!

So, if: immensely fun 12 hour battles on tons of custom and stock maps in a Battle for Europe sounds good; if starting out as a Private but working your way to the Officer corps and eventually to being CinC or GFM of your army sounds good; if joining many of our other clubs such as the Capping Council, New Player Assistors, Executive Council, or Forum Moderators (plus many others!) sounds good; if eventually being able to become a Tournament Administrator or Tournament Chairman and helping to run this tourney sounds good, then come join us!

REGISRATION IS NOW OPEN! SIGN UP TODAY! Our first scrimmage is next Wednesday, with official battles to begin soon after that!