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24th May 2004

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#1 12 years ago

BHC is pleased to announce our new CoD2 custom server, XP1, is now online. IP: It features a new realism mod, a custom sound mod (done by Skyguy), custom SP conversion maps, and a new tactical-oriented CTF gametype (done by Nip). These new maps CANNOT BE EDITED, so if you have any dislikes with them, I'm sorry, but......tough luck. Get all the files below and put them in your /cod2/bhc folder. If you don't have a cod2/bhc folder, you need to create one and put all the files there. Note that 1 file needs to be unzipped first....drop all the .iwd files into your /bhc folder. Autodownload on XP1 is OFF, so you NEED to get these file downloads: 1) 2) 3) 4);56488 (unzip this file, put the iwd file into your /bhc folder) 5) If you have any problems or questions, please PM me. On behalf of BionicNipple and Skyguy.....see you on the battlefield. ENJOY!!!