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#1 11 years ago

Breaking Point: Call Of Duty 2 & 4 - Sponsored by [COLOR=lightblue]DGServers[/COLOR] & [COLOR=lightblue]BadAcid[/COLOR] We would like to announce 2 tournaments we are currently holding for Call Of Duty 2 & 4! [COLOR=orange]Tour Of Duty 21: COD2 Axis vs Allies[/COLOR] Go back in time to WWII where the Axis and Allied forces battle each other to capture Europe! We are currently in the 12th week of this tour and the Axis Forces are within under 100 Victory Points from taking the Western European Theater, which puts them one step closer to winning the tour!

  • Battle Days: Thursdays & Sundays
  • Axis & Allied Divisions (Ranks + Promotions)
  • Play in over 128 custom maps
  • Limited Weapons
  • Awards
  • Stats

Come join the war and make a difference soldier! [COLOR=orange]Tour Of Duty 22: COD4 Aggressors vs Peackeepers[/COLOR] Enter a world at the brink of war by 2 sides who believe in their own kind of freedom. A new organization is slowly taking over the world thru third world countries.. they are the Aggressors. Join them and take the world by any means necessary! Or Join the United Nations Peacekeepers who protect the world from such aggression and free nations of such groups.

  • Battle Days: Wednesday & Saturdays
  • Aggressors & Peacekeeper Divisions (Ranks + Promotions)
  • Play in over 80 custom maps
  • Limited Weapons
  • Awards
  • Stats

This tour just began and both sides are currently battling over the European Zone. [COLOR=orange]BPFILMS[/COLOR] Check out the current promotional videos made for these 2 Tours by our Film team.

Prizes We give out prizes every now and then so the more you play the more your chances are to win. Community Our tournament is run by our community which help direct the path of what we do. Our community is great and mature and our focus is just having fun together. Thank you for reading and if any player is interested in taking part in a Tour Of Duty to come sign up. We will answer any questions or help any player at our site. Breaking Point: COD -