Call Of Duty 2..aslo UO Expansion 2? -1 reply

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13th April 2005

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#21 14 years ago

Again let me say:

Let me set the record staight, and hopefully we can end this pointless discusion.

Call of Duty Will Not be receving another expansion pack. The depvelopers at Infinity Ward are hard at work on CoD2.

Call of Duty 2 Will Not require regular Call of Duty to play. That would be a bad move, on Activision's part, because it would turn people away from buying the game.

Call of Duty/Call of Duty United Offensive Might be reciving another patch. Although the only reason there would be a patch is to fix a recently found security hole, or perhaps to add new content in the game. Particulary in United Offensive. And P.S., Fuzzy, what the heck is a presequel? Give an example either in a game or movie.


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9th May 2005

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#22 14 years ago


dow do you add avatars to your posts?



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11th May 2009

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#23 14 years ago

There will be no UO expansion...COD 2 will be the next in the series. End .