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11th March 2007

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#31 13 years ago

Seeing how my favorite games are Halo and Call of Duty... you're now cursed with my presence. :smokin:

There is a Call of Duty and a Call of Duty 2 section... why not Call of Duty 3? And who says that it's only for 360? I'm a playstation and pc gamer and i play call of Duty 3 on my PS2. Anyhow...

Call of Duty 3 is really good, but they tricked me with their "screen shots" on the internet which gave me a false impression on how good their effects were. They're not at all that realistic, and in my opinion Call of Duty 2 is better.



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19th November 2004

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#32 13 years ago

COD3 was designed for next gen consoles. It plays/looks awesome on the 360, but pretty crappy on the PS2.

We dont have a 360 forum because we hardly get console players posting here. Hence, its not needed.