Call of Duty 3 vs. Brothers in Arms 3 vs. Medal of Honor Hells Highway -1 reply

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23rd August 2006

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#31 14 years ago
Meeshman;3339070. I'd get MOH:A over CoD 3, because Call of duty series has been the same since day 1, the gameplay never changes, just the visuals, .

Ok, so lets have a look at this. Humm. Yup. Right. NO! The healt system is totally different. Also now you get infinite enemies very often - you are forced to keep moving forwards,you have to rust them! Well, yes it is still WW2 but how much more different can they make it? And moh usually has a stupid section where you are on-the-rails. (at leas on PS2 anyway) CoD2 is IMO the best ww2 Fps out there. Great MP too. Oh and PS3 will rock. The games will be better because the market will be more comptitive than the 360 market which appears to have virtually ground to a halt. Already. go ..on......


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31st August 2006

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#32 14 years ago

I agree with SVD_Sniper all the way. But i think im gonna get either all of them or jusy 2 of them. Im a big fan of WWII games...hell im a big fan of WWII. Anyway i am definatly getting COD3 but i might also get MoH:A or BIH:HH. Which would u guys recommend out of those 2. And oh yea the PS3 will rock. And SVD_Sniper is right , the games on PS3 are more action paked and better. I'm gettin the PS3 the day it comes out. I can't wait! 5 more days