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#1 11 years ago

I am working on a VERY simple COD2 Log Statistic application. I was getting sick of there only being ones that upload the statistcs from a COD2 Log file into a database file. Sure thats the best way, but not all of us have enough time(or money) to set up a mysql server and go through all the hassle...

So, with my (almost)infinite knowledge in programming!:eek: I have created a simple log parser in C# that takes the cod2 log file. Quickly parses it. Displays total kills, All Players who were recorded. And best weapon.

It then turns the results into a simple HTML document that you can upload to a server.

I dont know if I will add many more features. If anyone at all is interested I can add remote FTP uploading, and alot more features, etc.

So I just wanted to see if there is any demand for this at all and If so, i will work hard to make a cool utility. If not ... then ill keep it simple :P. If anyone is interested please respond! ^_^

-Sir [Bob]Parr