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12th December 2003

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#41 13 years ago
happynappyPersonally I Think It's Shite Not As Good As Cod Or Uo. The Weapon Sounds Are Crap

Um, a bunch of the weapon sounds are same as in the origional, and the new weapon sounds are awesome (they sound... real) and as realistic as any WWII shooter has gotten so far... especially the Springfield... that sound packs some punch.

It Is Not Non Linear It's Linear, Such Deception To Tell Us All That It Was Going To Be Non Linear. A Pack Of Lies From Activision And Infinity Ward If You Ask Me.

Don't get what you mean here. Did you expect to be able to run around and so whatever you want? The game does follow a script, but in CoD2 you can pick and choose what objectives you want to do first.

Also Every German Soldier Seems To Have A Moustache, No Effort Put Into The Player Models At All.

I haven't noticed every German having a moustache, but I doubt that is the case. I would have to totally disagree with you. The ammount of detail that was put into the player models is awesome. In multiplayer, almost every player looks different, and the British even have 3 skins (1 British regular, 2 Scottish, and 3... I'm convinced it's a Canadian skin).

The Battle Chatter Is Very Boring And Totally Unrealistic. It's The Same Lines Over And Over.

Totally and utterly disagree with you on that one. Simply put. Your comrades give you the location of enemy troops, tell you when grenades are coming in and even taunt the enemy. I think your just being a prick here.

Also The Movement Of The Player Models Looks Like They Are Skating On Ice. It Lacks The Quality And Magic Of Cod And Uo. Could Have Been Better. A Flop If You Ask Me

I know for sure to never ask you anything myself. I assume you find the worst in everything... half empty right?

As far as bugs are concerned, I pretty much have none. Except for one time when I saw a dropped weapon rotating slowly... that's funny though.



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13th April 2005

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#42 13 years ago
PapaG39 CFS 3...more then a year but, big waste.

are you referring to MicroSoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3 ? A classic - still one of the best online multiplayer games I've owned/played. Sorry to hear you didn't like it.


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26th January 2005

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#43 13 years ago

not worth 50 bucks, hmm they took out bazooka, panzerfaust,flame thrower,satchel charges, and much more- HOPEFULLY there will be a "uo" type expansion pack- only I hope there won't be tanks, I think everyone is making games for the graphics, and dont care about gameplay- ctf- they took out if u have flag and u see ur flag on ground u can run over it and score- they dont have that- they screwed up on gun sounds(the lugar sounds like a cap gun) thompson has 20 bullets, single player took me like 2 hours to beat on regular difficultly- ill give it a 6/10 (but it was worth the download time)