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13th April 2005

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#1 13 years ago

found this on another forum: (much more here: -There will be a Shotgun in Sp and MP.(The M1897 Trench Gun)

-There will be no Flamethrower

-Punkbuster will be supported. (well at least there are entry's for punkbuster in the Mp server menu)

-There will be a Scoped Lee-Enfield in SP and MP

-It will have Vocie Chat(Talking about a headset) in Mp

-You can ignore the Voice Chat

-Found this message "Server is not a demo server.", will they release a MP Demo?

-There is a Favorite Server List in MP

-COD2 has some kind of clan support:You can add your Clan name, clan motto, clan hp and more.

-There is no quick chat option like "enemy tank spotted", it really looks like there will be no tanks in MP.

-there are ranks in MP from Private to General like in UO.

MP Modes are: -Deathmatch -Team Deathmatch -Capture the Flag -Headquarters -Search and Destroy -Squad Warfare

Some info's about Squad Warfare: -There is a Platoon leader on every Site -There are Squads on every Site -the Platon leader can give the squads waypoints like in BF2

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29th March 2005

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#2 13 years ago

On my clan's forums this was posted (which was from another forum, and probably another), but here's a list of maps that were in the cfg file. I'm too lazy to clear out the map rotation data, so....

MP map names: DM set sv_mapRotation "gametype dm map mp_breakout gametype dm map mp_brecourt gametype dm map mp_burgundy gametype dm map mp_carentan gametype dm map mp_dawnville gametype dm map mp_decoy gametype dm map mp_downtown gametype dm map mp_farmhouse gametype dm map mp_leningrad gametype dm map mp_matmata gametype dm map mp_railyard gametype dm map mp_toujane gametype dm map mp_trainstation"

Looks like Carentan, Dawnville, and Brecourt are back.


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12th June 2004

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#3 13 years ago

those are cool maps..I CANT WAIT!:)


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25th September 2005

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#4 13 years ago

nice find all :D