COD2.. WW2 done.. What now? -1 reply

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4th April 2005

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#111 15 years ago

Perhaps if a German campaign is made, you could eventually surrender to the allies because you were one of the many soldiers in the German army that were forced to fight and didnt follow any of the Nazi ideas.

also 1928 etc, It wasnt the Germans pre se who slaughtered everyone. It was the Nazis. Most of the concentration camps were lead by SS extremeists, and even they had doubts about what they were doing.


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#112 15 years ago

peeps,EA has made Battlefield Vietnam ...not what i SUCKED or well they could have updated and put more support on it but anyway it wasnt that great.also the tanks in ww1 only went about ...maybe 5mphs...YEAH OK im going to RUN AWAY from a tank,anyway i think they should point toward MAYBE modern warfare../korea,or a campaign in alaska in ww2 where the japs held some islands . one battle there was the second bloodiest battles of ww2.hell maybe star wars LOL.


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18th January 2006

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#113 15 years ago

meh we're going round in circles here all these threads end up in the same old nationlistic country bashing debates were history is chewed up and spat out as ammunition against someone you don't way im convinced by the justification for a ww1 game seems a cool idea after my initial scepticism. Ne way they're more than likely to stick with ww2 but i really wish they'd tread some new ground...there are only some many beeches i can assault without being bored (reffering to all the ww2 games on the market now and just using beech assaults as an example).