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17th October 2006

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#71 13 years ago

they will most liky make a different COD3 4 pc like COD2 the big red 1 for consoles and COD 2 for PC (witch did end up on Xbox ) so they will ether give us a diff game or adapt COD3 4 PC ?????????????


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20th November 2004

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#72 13 years ago

There will be NO COD3 for PC. The Infinity Ward Community Relations guy - 402 - has stated categorically over at IWNation that COD3 is ONLY for console.

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29th January 2005

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#73 13 years ago

Yea, COD 3 is only for console.

Modern Combat sounds interesting. BF2 did quite well with the modern combat setting, so I'm curious to see how that'll play out.


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1st January 2005

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#74 13 years ago

Don't know if this has been talked about on this thread since I jumped in long ago, but the Wii controller will likely soon be old news. There is a cross platform controller in development called the Fusion by In2Games that will utilize not just RF and accelerometers but ultrasonicc sound waves as well.

While some are saying the Wii's aim feature is a plus over controller's such as Sony's Sixaxis, it's also one of it's weak points. If the Wii aim function is not aimed at the screen the whole time the screen will start shaking and it takes a while for it to recover.

The Fusion does not require being aimed at the screen. It is also much more accurate and unlimited in sensing 3D motion. It's due to go on sale Q3 '07 for a reported $56 US and can adapt to virtually any input device.