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#1 7 years ago

Hey guys.

I've noticed that there are no more GOOD north american servers to pub on. They either have stupid mods or annoying custom maps and they allow people with 350 ping to play in them.

So....I bought a Cod2 24 slot public server based in Chicago! It's most likely going to stay as Team Deathmatch as that is what most people enjoy.

No mods, no custom maps, just stock! I took out half of the maps and I am slowly adding them back in on request.

Around 7:00pm central (8:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific) some friends and I try to populate the server. Our 2nd attempt will be tonight. Hopefully when we get enough people that the server will start showing up on the master server list, other people will start connecting!

My goal is to get enough people in there so other people can notice us and perhaps add the server to the favourites! any help from you guys would be appreciated.


The name of the server is [24/7 TDM] Stock by LaForge

If you would like, here is my xfire: yourfaajaa123

thanks and have fun!