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#1 12 years ago

Hello all ;) the release of the final version is release for August 18! here a pieceof the txt file included:

release 18 August 2006 ---------------------- this map was to test on Windows and linux serveur with the mods according to : - AdmiralMod 2100r - extreme+ 1.4beta9 -Awe 3 beta10 Corrections of bugs : car under the church (one passed through) : dormitory of the museum (one remained to block between the door and the German costume : some bugs of textures : windows bank (one passed through) modifications : effects of the explosions (vehicles+barrels) : installation of adjustments of options for servers (except doors and windows) exemple: // barils (barrels) set scr_pie_bidons_dm "1" set scr_pie_bidons_tdm "1" set scr_pie_bidons_sd "0" set scr_pie_bidons_ctf "1" set scr_pie_bidons_hq "1" additions : the door or is the dog is actionable : a gramophone is in the dormitory of the museum : the wine bottle on the table of the restaurant is breakable : the bell of the church sounds when one shout inside

by :)