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4th December 2005

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Rcon Commander: Web Portal Currently only supports Call of Duty 2. This is a web based server administration utility you can access from any PC online with a web browser. Just need to register online and setup your account info to access your Call of Duty 2 server. Features list:

  • Live Player List with options like kick, kill, switch team, ban and temp-ban players just all by a click of a button.
  • Current Map with change map option. (Auto places custom maps from server to map list)
  • Current gametype with option to change game type.
  • Activate or deactivate weapons along with modifying weapons settings.
  • Change current gametype settings along with other miscelanous settings.
  • Update PunkBuster on server.
  • FTP options to edit your server configuration file directly.
  • Add, Modify, Delete multiple servers in your profile VIA web.
  • Rcon console to send specific server commands remotely.

Screen Shots: rconweb.jpg rconweb2.jpg rconweb3.jpg This has been brought to you by the creators of CoD2 Rcon Commander developers: Jester & Lestat www.rconfiles.com www.cod2rcon.com www.remotercon.com www.rcontools.com Discuss the Rcon Commander: Web Portal here. Discuss feature requests here. Reports Bugs here.