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7th September 2005

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#21 14 years ago

Last Of The MohjasonsMan that demo was awsome, this game could easily become one of the best ever made... Complaints: I think they should add the sprint back in, although it might only be left out for the sp. I think the thompson should have more than twenty bullets, especially since the russian smg will still probably have 71. I think they should add back in scrolling through all of your items, although i didn't find it annoying to throw with G.

Improvements: The Video Quality is amazing... i had trouble running the game with dx9 but even with it turned off the graphics far excel most anything on the market today. What i found funny is that i can run the game with a higher frame rate on directx 7 with 6x anti aliasing and 16x anistoperic filtering, then i could running on dx9 with low resolutions and very little to no aa/af. if your having any problems try turning down the dx7 before killing your resolution. The player models in the game feel 100 times better... the old cod characters always felt as though they were slightly crouched, even when standing still. They ditched the quake 3 engine. That old engine was far too dated to be the basis of a next gen game... there propriatery engine is as good as any other game enigine out today, including source. The gun models look great, both in and out of the iron sights. The removing of cooking nades means that noobs cant run around witha half cooked nade looking for the enemy. The Health bar is perfect for sp... although it may be unrealistic to heal yourself, its just as unrealistic to walk around picking up magic health packs. (plus that won't be the method of healing in mp)

Arguments: The health hiding system is a great idea, because it encourages players to take cover and shoot from hidden positions rather than running into a enemy filled room like the last games encouraged. besides whats so realistic about picking up health packs left by your enemies? The graphics are great... anyone who says there bad is a moron who hasn't figured out how to change them. To say that there are less people playing cod:uo than regular is a phallacy. go to xfire.com and you'll see that today uo has been played 880,224 hours, while the first cod has been played 875,278. Those who say there are flaws are themselves fundamentally flawed... something that was left out intentionally is not a flaw, its a feature... a flaw would be a hole in the map that lets you shoot the germans from underneath. The Linear gameplay is a result of this only being a demo... do a little searching and you'll find places that are boarded off, but become assable later on.

In Response: -Sprinting adds a sense of realism to a game, if someone fires at you you run out the way, you dont keep moving at the same speed. -The thompson should have 20 bullets as thats how many it had in real life. -I found having to press another button for a grenade annoying, makes it hard to move simultaneously while throwing a grenade as you have to strech your hand to find another button. -Graphics are good, but i want more than that from a new game. -I didnt find supposed crouching in uo an issue of concern. -Cooking nades is more realistic, only a 'noob' would throw a grenade without cooking it off a bit first or the enemy would just scarper from the area it was thrown. -It might be unrealistic to have health packs (not that unrealistic, at least it doesnt restore all your health like hiding behind a box does...) I would of prefered a medic to health you but oh well. The duck and hide system would only encourage camping in my eyes. -More people play uo definetly. -Removed features may not be a game 'flaw' technically but they are decreasing game enjoyment, at least in my opinion.


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17th March 2004

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#22 14 years ago

hmm the biggest problem i had was HOW LINEAR THE MAP IS !!! Kinda funny cuz at the end of the demo they say , "now its got multiple ways to get across the map" or something. f***** BS! I am disappointed juss cuz of that.

I do like how they hide the healthbar and took away the health packages. The graphics don't look THAT great! maybe need to see other levels. It feels more like COD 1.5


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14th November 2003

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#23 14 years ago

[QUOTE=boyincal]hmm the biggest problem i had was HOW LINEAR THE MAP IS !!! Kinda funny cuz at the end of the demo they say , "now its got multiple ways to get across the map" or something. f***** BS! I am disappointed juss cuz of that.

I know its jus a demo ,but I too would have liked to jump a fence or found a door leading to a couple of axis hiding about somewhere, so it didnt feel to Linear. A demo should give the feeling of excitment not mmmmmmmmmmmm, to me seemed OK, need the promise of more freedom (or illusion lol)like Far Cry, to improve on the first COD.

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9th September 2004

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#24 14 years ago

The nonlinear gameplay is like this:

In COD, you could go one way to kill the enemy.

In COD2, you can go two ways.

Who knows, maybe in COD3 we will get three ways! (Shock horror)

If the MP is same as the SP, I will die. Health regenerating = MG campers heaven lvl. 100.



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13th April 2005

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#25 14 years ago

Graphics: (I have ati radeon 128mb 9800pro) - "dx7 forced" produces much better fps rate for me. hope this gets fixed. - lower screen res (600 x 800) produces much better fps for me. hope this gets fixed. Stuff I will miss: - sprint. - scroll weapon weapons - vehicles, vehicles, vehicles... tanks and jeeps will probably be offered in the COD2 expansion pack release later for more $ - MP Base Assault. Will probably be offered when they put tanks back in, in the expansion pack. Some config mods I'm using: cg_drawFPS "Simple" cg_drawHealth "1" hud_fade_healthbar "0" <- this will kepp your health bar on the screen. com_hunkMegs "512" <- 1/2 my ram


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22nd September 2004

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#26 14 years ago

Im not sure what i think. The gameplay quality is the same old great gameplay. I was a huge fan of UO but this doesnt give anything really new. The engine isnt the Q3 engine anymore, but its just slightly improved Q3 engine. Only the graphics/effects have gone better. Still the physics are the same, gun sounds have gone much worse (they sound like toys and some of guns them look like that too like MP-40), i personally think that the crosshairs look too thick (although it doesnt matter that much). Yes the nade cooking and sprinting should be there and also player classes would be a good improvement. If they dont include any vehicles, that will be a great shame. Well maybe thats just that they want some $ in the future. I was surprised to see that i can play the game on full graphics without lagging on my Nvidia 5600 and 512RAM. In a way thats good when compared to HL2 and BF2 where i have to use low-medium graphics.

Last Of The Mohjasonsthere propriatery engine is as good as any other game enigine out today, including source.

You are kidding right? As i said that engine is nothing new but better graphics and effects. Theres no ragdoll but only the same old dead animations which gives us more enemies that lie dead half of their body inside a wall. I think they could had made an expansion pack that has those features like: improved engine that allows better graphics, effects and few other small things. I hope they make it much better. If they leave it like this, it wont be even close to the game of the year. Its not bad but you cant call it 2.0 if its only an (attempt) of improving the game. When the full version comes out im going to see few reviews and think about it hard before i make the bying decision.


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11th May 2009

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#27 14 years ago
tallyit is 'in the game' - you just need to turn it on! As I said, IW didn't want sprint. Remember, IW did not do the expansion pack - Grey Matter did. ...

Heck, no I didnt know that, I thght they were helping each other. Umm maybe Ill give COD2 a miss then. UO's way more fun than COD vanilla. :( Seems to me most people want sprint and nade cook.


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20th November 2004

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#28 14 years ago

UO may be 'way more fun' for some, but the statistics on the popularity of the 2 games - COD and UO - shows that COD is WAY more popular. I think this shows that sprint and cookable nades is not required by 'most people', otherwise more players would be on UO servers, and not COD ones.

IW researched the question of what to include and what not to include (I know coz I took part in the survey). As I understand it, the answer that came back was that the majority of people didn't want (a) sprinting, (b) cookable nades, (c) smoke nades, and (d) tanks.

Just how much of this survey will spill over into the actual release will remain to be seen.