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15th May 2005

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#31 13 years ago
He does not go live until the 10th, lets wait and see. The chances are the patch will be released the same day. All down to a bit of IW damage control.

Yes, April 10th. Im looking forward to that day.......NOT. But seems like a good day to release it, I guess. Good, but late :)


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28th November 2005

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#32 13 years ago
surfreakso wheres the comments from the IW "official" liazon? i thought we got fourzerotwo on the forums to clear up all controversy and hear-say, wheres an official statement from IW ? a date ? blow some smoke up my ass or SOMETHING!! O K its april now--- ive been playing the same damn 8 maps on MP for 6 months!! unbeleivable! its funny- i look at a game like UT04 which came out years ago-- but came with a paint program for skinning and a mapping tool (maya) with tutorials, the maps and the community have never been stronger--- there are literally thousands of consumer made maps--( all downloadable from the redirect of that clan) and it still keeps going. IW needs to look at other gaming communities and see what makes them great-- see why people swear by them-- and stick to them. so now i guess we can wait ( just like CoD1 ) for a 1.1 or 1.2 or three or four-- when i first got CoD1 and didnt patch up --i went to MP and found maybe 15 or 20 servers still on 1.0 !! then you could patch up to 1.3 and find maybe 100 servers-- then patch again to 1.5 and find 3000 servers! what is the point of this?? this divides the community with people playing on three different platforms-- this makes no sense!! when you patch a game -- the previous version should be obsolete- and unplayable. its crazy how i see other gamers, and communities of gamers totally satisfied with the product they have bought-- and then look at a mile of posts and forums clutteerd with hate and flame posts about IW and the lack of support. it would seem to me if I was IW -- i would fix this post haste to keep whatever fans we have left-- well thanks for letting me vent.

:mad: I agree but Iw doesnot care about you or any consumer their job is to pump products to make money!!! Consumer satisfaction is not even a considerstion such is the folly of capitalism!!This is why there is no expansion pack for cod2 instead cod3 is comming.This is why no sdk or patches are being released!They want cod2 consumers to be frustrated so they can push their new product which will most likely come with PB and an sdk in order to sell their product and bring in more cod2 consumers.They know if they'd release a patch and an sdk people would play cod2 for years this happened with the first 2 cods( I moved back to coduo)they dont want a repeat because that would mean less constumers for them. You and I are nothing more than numbers to these faceless organizations so suggest we give em a negative number by bocotting them!:mad: I hope another company comes out with a cod like game with all 3 allied sides or at least the ost front!!! but I have yet to find a game like this.