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#1 15 years ago

Ok for Americans play on 1st part 3rd level, the Silo. This is HARD on veteran mode. I never noticed this but, the AI is really smart! The germans would retreat on me attacking me on the flanks. I was in the tower at the start and would snipe out men, I saw them retreating from one side thinking they gave up and shot from another part. But those sneaky bastards were moving across town through the buildings! I saw them running north and thats the last I saw them, all of a sudden there coming out of the hayworks and climbing up the ladder. When I was in buildings they picked up a hell of a fight, in all of dieing and stuff it tooks 40 minutes to beat that level. When I thought I cleared a building out the reinforcements would come in the building and keep reinforcing that position. This is the first time im saying this but, the AI are extremly smart. There not scripted like they were in Call of Duty. These are random attacks and they will shoot your ass if you not careful.