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28th July 2009

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#1 11 years ago

Ok, so when I was playing CoD4 recently, I had this...idea. My idea was to add a roleplaying aspect to CoD. For example: There is a Spetsnaz encampment and there is like 10 or 15 Spetsnaz. The SAS have to infiltrate the encampment to save a civilian or hostage. There are about 4-7 SAS. They get silenced weapons such as mp5's and p90's, and there is a sniper. The hostage gets an m9 with one mag to attempt to escape, but if he tries and fails the Spetsnaz kill him. They get all the terrorist classic weapons: AK-47's and AK-74u's, Dragunovs, and RPDs. It would be on something like Team Deathmatch. Also, the Spetsnaz can have stolen weapons or weapons from downed SAS. Everyone gets all grenades, c4, etc.Also, respawns would be disabled and you would have one life. Hardcore mode would make it even better and more realistic. It's not a bad idea for those who like roleplaying. Hear me out, it's a great idea. If you have anything to add, please comment.

Note: This can be done with Marines/OpFor. Depending, it works better. Note 2: With Marines/OpFor, there would be no silencers. PS: This is an example. The scenario would be decided amongst players at game start.

Edit: Also, there would be classes with support guns, like M249 SAWs. Oh yeah! There could be missions like one or two snipers vs. like 10 or 15 OpFor/Spetsnaz, and respawns disabled. Edit 2: The objective is to not let the hostage get killed.