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Signup for the War TODAY! Battle for Europe provides the best Action Call Of Duty 4 Has To Offer! Battle for Europe brings role playing to the FPS in this exhilarating and intense simulated campaign style tournament!

What is Battle For Europe? Battle for Europe is a campaign based tournament, which consists of two regiments, the Coalition (S.A.S/Marines) and Opposition (Insurgent Forces) The two regiments are made up of 2 different companies each which have two platoons. Doing the math, that's eight different platoons that you could enlist into today! The two regiments battle for territories all across Europe and the Middle East over two thirty player slot gaming servers with both European And American Halves two nights a week, with a third night for Call of Duty 2.

How Battle for Europe works When you register to our website at you will automatically be assigned to 1 of the 2 regiments, and then assigned 1 of the 2 companies within the regiment, you will then in turn be given access to the private sections of the forum for your respective side, Coalition or Opposition. The two forces will battle every Wednesday and Saturday on CoD4 servers for a challenging twelve hours. Then the battle every Sunday using CoD2 servers will be fought for 8 hours. The whole campaign should last for six to eight weeks. Battle for Europe has a huge community, with many discussions going on everyday in the forums, also away from the battle side of things this is were you can earn yourself extra kudos within the community. If you are talented or want to help BFE you could join one of the many Development Groups (Dev Groups) such as New Player Assistors (NPA) , World News Network (WNN) , Graphics Team (GT) and many more. You could also work towards becoming a server admin or forum moderator. Within the battles and the campaign as a whole we rely strongly on teamwork and very good communication between each other. This is teamspeak is a must have to communicate well and also to listen to the orders given to you by your senior ranks. When you sign up you will start off as a private or equivalent, you can prove yourself in battle by giving ideas, on the spot tactics, showing dedication and teamwork. By doing these things you'll soon find yourself a nice promotion! Along with everything else, E-Rev TV record and steam parts of the battles You could be engaging enemy troops and commanding tactics to a squad whilst following the orders of your commanding officer whilst someone from E-Rev follows you around and records your every move, Imagine that! Or if you can't make a battle for whatever reason you could watch the broadcast of it!

Requirements A legal copy of either Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty 2 The ability to follow orders Teamspeak (free VoIP program) Most importantly, the ability to have an awesome time A microphone is preferred but not required, however it does help if you seek to command a regiment!

Is this a tournament for clans, do I need a clan to sign up? Nope! This is a tournament for individual players, no clan is needed to sign up! If you're in a clan and you want to play with your clan - you can! If this is your first campaign - contact one of the administrators to organize your clan into same company.

Is BFE a clan? No! Whether you are in a clan or not you can join BFE. Battle for Europe is designed for anyone and everyone, so long as you know how to have fun!

Do you have to play the full 12 hours? No you can play as long as you want or what ever suits your needs!

So if you are interested, then what are you waiting for!? Get into the campaign and start fighting for your company to win the Battle For Europe!

~ Battle for Europe Staff