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#1 10 years ago

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has taken competitive console gamers by storm. With its strategic and logical game play, nobody with a competitive drive can ignore it. CEVO has extended team registration to enable more teams to compete with international attention via LAGTV and BlitzCast.tv. The last date to register for new teams is Sunday, May 18th and matches will commence on Wednesday, May 21st. Unfortunately, any team attempting to register after this date will not be allowed. New event registration will open again once the tournament is over. CEVO recently announced that live coverage would be provided for their COD4 events by LAGTV (http://www.lagtv.com) and BlitzCast Networks, Inc. (http://www.blitzcast.com). LAGTV is an international video network covering gaming news and events for the 360, while using BlitzCasts’ technology to broadcast live. LAGTV offers a wide range of gaming coverage from an interactive forum to live video programming. In addition, BlitzCast.tv offers an extensive social community for gamers and offer gamers the ability to save their live feeds to their own “Online Film Rooms” using specific hardware/software. Together, CEVO and its partners will bring their first CEVO COD4 360 competitions to an international audience.

Link to Rules and Registration Guidelines: http://www.cevo.com/?page=forum&func=viewthread&id=6641&forumID=2

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

CEVO website support: http://support.cevo.com

Ventrilo live support: IP: texas.cevo.nationvoice.com port 4000