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#1 11 years ago

I've been hitting a number of sites trying to re-ignite some interest in CoD4 competition. We mostly cater to North America but we're looking to get into the Euro competition Arena... I'm passing the word along about some new ladders for CoD4 we've setup at Global Warfighter League. We're trying to spread the word of the competition sprouting up at GWL and welcome all players and teams to come join us.

We're currently using PAM4 for competition and we've introduced a "Pistols and Knives ONLY" ruleset that allows for Pistols and Knives only for all gametypes. No perks. No weapons besides pistols and knives... and no excuses. We've also introduced a "Snipers ONLY" ruleset that allows for specialized perks without semi-automatic sniper rifles. Both rulesets support singles and team play through all CoD4 gametypes.

We have a full array of standard as well as hardcore mode ladders for most interested players/teams of CoD4 for all gametypes. If you're interested in getting in on the fun or would like more info... pay us a visit at:

GlobalWarfighter Competition

or simply reply here... and thanks for your time.