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#1 10 years ago

Merciless Mod

A COD4 (PC) Mod created by =MM=B45TARDO of the Merciless Marauders clan is now available for free for anyone who wants it. It can be downloaded from our downloads section here:

If you just want to try it out feel free to drop by our public COD4 server, IP: ...... usually the mod is loaded.


This is a great mod for clans/persons who wish to use their server for tactical play whether to help their team practice the TWL style of game or just to eliminate annoying rule enforcement by eliminating the most common things that servers do not allow. It is very similiar to the TWL NA Ladder PAM4 Mod except for the fact that there is no "ready up" period which would require all players to press their use key (F) to start the game, and there are no halftimes in the middle of rounds. Great tactical mod for public servers!! If you like/dislike our mod please visit our forums and tell us what you think!

Perks: In this mod the perks such as: marty, last stand, claymores, C4, Special grenades x 3, Frag x 3, bomb squad, and eavesdrop are not available.

Weapons: Also in this mod the attachment Grenade Launcher is not available. Skorpion is not available

Assets: Air Strikes and Helicopter support not available.



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#2 10 years ago

I downloaded, I,m now gonna have a crack at it :D