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#1 12 years ago

FuturTech Gaming League is approaching

Rumours were going around during the past weeks in IRC and other media that there will be a huge gaming league released earlier or later and that date is coming closer as we speak. The FuturTech Gaming League (FGL) will be released very soon and today I'd like to give you a bit more information about what is approaching.

Unlike many other leagues and competitons the FuturTech Gaming League (FGL) offers you regular seasonal cups and competitions with great prizes for COD4 and other games. A special feature about this league is that these competitions will be for both the European and the North American community. Apart from the cups there will be also ladders where you can earn ranking points. These ranking points are needed in order to qualify for the major event. This major event is only held once a year at LAN and the successful teams will receive a fair amount of prize money. A FGL trailer is already shot and will be released very soon.

http://www.fgleague.com/ , the official website, is almost final but still under construction, it will be finished in time doubtless.

More information about the FGL will be announced later. Stay tuned for the starting cup prizes icon_wink.gif

P.s: The Eu. and American are two completely different sections and in no way shape or form coincide with each other