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#1 10 years ago


I'm here to show you my COD4...

Frontlines will bring 3 brand new gametypes to Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, plus a smart spawn protection to avoid the spawn killing that is happening in all COD4 servers around the world. Also have nice features from the common ones until few never made before. And before you ask... NO! will not have a HER version inclued in Frontlines, the game already come with HER from the store, it's the Hardcore mode.

Check the video that shows how Hajas Spawn Protection works. Basically will protect the players for 10 (configurable) seconds against Nades (Granade Launcher inclued), Rockets and AirStrikes.

This also inclued any second wave damage caused by them like Car and Barrel explosions. HSP can be activated in ANY gametype, inclued the original ones.

Also will come with a revolutionary feature called War Server, which will transform a single server in a full war, with many different battles and a final objective to complete.

This War can be completely configured and depending of the size setted could finish in one day or take years to reach the end like a real war.

Frontlines 2.1 Features 1. Hajas Spawn Protection 2. Battlefront (New Gametype) 3. Commander ( 2 in 1 New Gametype) 4. Hajas Invert Sides ( With automatic change ) 5. Custom Message Of The Day (MOTD) 6. Spam Messages Loop (up to 10)

The version 2.1 was released! Keep checking this site for the next versions!

please go to for more info and download.



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#2 10 years ago

Ironic you chose the name Frontlines for your mod because the newly released game Frontlines: Fuel of War definitely has some problems with people spawn camping/killing in mp play. You may want to consider renaming it so as to avoid some players mistakenly associating it with that game.


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#3 10 years ago

yeah, if I knew that is a game with that name to be released I would not chose that name... but I started to work in that last year, so was already too late to change the name...