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Our Ranked Server is set on Hardcore with Friendly Fire On (Shared). We run Custom Maps Rotations with mixed game types every day. The Ranked Server only runs Default Maps.

Our MOD Server also runs on Hardcore with Friendly Fire ON (Shared). We also run a Custom map Rotation and are currently hosting 25 User Maps. More will be added soon. The Usermaps are a mix of Run and Gun, Sniper Only and large maps that cater to both styles of gaming. The MOD Server only runs User Maps.

Current User Maps Running on MOD Server: mp_ava_assault mp_heavensource mp_ze_cargo_night mp_village mp_dhc_carentan mp_sps_snipers_town mp_subway mp_karkand_b1 mp_sharqi_b2 mp_backlot_night mp_compound_base mp_sps_industrial_zone mp_meanstreet mp_ze_cargo_day mp_village_night mp_backlot_2 mp_matroska mp_tlotd_ab_v2 mp_hidden mp_canada mp_offices_v3 mp_qmx_matmata mp_darkroom mp_sps_muelles mp_ze_spray

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