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PeZBOT-you got to download it!

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19th April 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Hi everyone, In the modding forum of this site I have a thread dedicated to PeZBOT, a multiplayer bot mod for CoD4. Thread link: It was released in April this year by its creator, Pezzalucifer, and is now up to version 6.2. I thought I would draw members attention to this mod as it is nothing short of amazing. The mod enables people to play the multiplayer aspect of CoD4 but in offline mode, with no need for an internet connection. You load the mod, start a multiplayer map then have hours of fun fighting with and against computer controlled players (AI). For more information see my thread or visit the official 'site', a thread in the Infinity Ward forums (see link below). The mod is extremely popular and is the most viewed thread, with over 20,000 views in just two months, in the modding forum for Infinity Ward. It is also one of the most downloaded files on Call of Duty Filefront. To play it you need to patch the game to at least v1.5. Note, it will not work on a dedicated server as it is designed for offline play, though you can use it on a LAN with the mod running on one PC and all other PCs connecting to the map. Infinity Ward thread: [RELEASE] PeZBOT 006p2 + 006p SOURCE Cheers, JamJam11 :)


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#2 10 years ago

This is the reason I normally rebuy games for pc, mods. You can always count on modders to find a way to make a game just as fun as it was when you first bought it