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6th July 2008

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#1 12 years ago

listen to this it was on backlot two people were in the building with the scaffolding so i whnet through the door killed the first person easily with mp5 so i sneaked upstairs to kill the other dude he was sniping so id thought id take the mick and take my time for a headshot so i fired tyhe crosshair was on his head and didnt hit fair enough so i shot again and it still didnt hit so id thought id shoot his body before he notices im there so i let the whole magazine at and non of the bullets hit im getting the hump so i stabbed him twice and still doesnt die hes noticed me when i stabbed him so he turned round and then 1 clean sweep of his knife killed me straight away explain that it couldnt be my connection because it was 2 bars and yellow so realy it boiles down to 1 thing and u know what that is.... :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :furious: :plzdie: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned: :0wned:


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16th March 2008

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#2 12 years ago

was his kill:death ratio remarkably unbalanced?



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28th July 2009

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#3 11 years ago