I`m looking for friends/recruits for my clan!!! -1 reply

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#1 9 years ago

Tell me if you add me so i can add you,my friend code is 124744443290.please post your friend code.I like to think im pretty good,level 6 prestige level,level 49,only been playing for 9 day 16 hours.I have a crew of my own actually. It is called the G`s so your username will be changed to [G]user if you make it.To make it you just have to do well in some team deathmatches.Any one is welcome to try out and possibly join my crew.if you dont make it we can still be friends.Once i added you and you added me ill invite you to play a few matches and if you are good enough i will change my username to add[G] and invite you and then you will rename your username to [G]User.remember the g is capitalized and the first letter of your old user name is capitalized as well.and once you are on the team,please put second chance on as your third perk so we can help each up when we are down.thanks and goodluck in getting in!!!would anyone like to join??we are a pretty good crew,our members average about 25-30 kills with only like 10 deaths