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10th June 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I am sure many of the Members of WW who are from the Uk ... Will have a more positive and correct response to this Thread. I decided to ask/ speak out .. Or ask the question of what it was like in the early 80’s in the Punk Rock movement/Music scene in the UK...? After a previous comment in another thread.... I am 38 years old. I grew up in Southern California. I went thru a few fads during my High school days /Early youth. One was the early punk rock days of the Hollywood Scene .It was during the years . 1979 -1982 ….. Yikes do I want to get into this conversation about that scene …… :smokin: ……… Yes I did the Hollywood parties.... :crash:.... Manage Club, Fifth avenue , Whiskey A Go Go…etc… I have a few pics I might be able to scan.. Might scare a few of you ..... ;) .... Did all the Orange County Beach Parties… Black Flag… Agent Orange .. Etc. I grew up in Newport Beach….. ( a small poodle was baked in a Microwave..... Sorry If I offend any of you... No I didn’t do it.. ( I love Dogs... Especially if they are Crispy J|K).. It was the crazies of the time.....) Please.... I hope nobody creates an opinion it was the group of people from my youth.....

In High School we had a Brit….., ( became my best Friend) I can remember him wanting everyone.. I mean Everyone to call him a Brit…. Not an Englishman or a person from England… Anyways...... . I became very close friends with him.. I know this is going off track.. But we actually got pulled over by the California Highway Patrol one day during our lunch hour because he painted "The British Flag " ( yes a very Mod thing to do at the time.. :clown: (POSER.... :stallard: at that Time from what I learned about the entire Anarchy movement Who wasn’t a poser in the USA.......If you don’t believe me :sitonit: ...)on the roof of his 1966 Chevy Impala.. They were very Cool about it .. They just wanted to take a Look at it.. ( LOL… They did run our license just to be sure.. Typical harassment……)

Anyways .. He shared many imports from England …. Sex pistols ,Dead Kennedy’s… (not sure if they are English.. But Jello sure could belt the insults out……..) [COLOR=Red]Cockney Rejects [/COLOR] ( please tell me some of you from the UK know who this band is…..? I have never been able to find any of there music……) and many others….. I wish I could remember the groups names….… Then some violent groups later on GBH…. Etc….… Then all the Mod/Ska scene … Specials, Selector, Bad Manners… etc … I can go on…..

Anyways… I understand I went way off base .. I just decided to type or talk about the old days…. What was it really like in the UK… Was it as severe as it was here … Hollywood gangs .. “ THE SKULLS”…. Gay bashing at the Laguna Beach Cliffs… Etc.… ..

I would really like to hear from someone from the UK… Who lived thru the Punk Rock scene….. (if you didn’t get involved that’s ok…. ).. What was it like where it all Started……

Peace................... VONNER



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25th March 2003

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#2 14 years ago

well vonnor sid visious aka johnny rotton (lead from sex pistols ) is still alive and kicking ,,,he not so long ago starred on a charity programme on tv to raise cash for local charitys (10 celebs in the out back in australia with no modern luxuries for 4 weeks )not sure if it was just for uk tv but any way ...think back to the sex pistols (i missed the start but my brothers were way out there) total attitude.. any way there was a few top stars jordan with the big assets,peter andrea and a few more ,,what a scream it turned out to be johnny was telling every one to f off ,,stay out of his face and the total attitude came back ,,in the end he told em all to politly go f emselfs and he walked out of the bush ,,on to a plane and back to the uk were he was greeted by the press and that turned out the same too go f the queen came out too totaly crazy now

one thing he did do was smuggle a boat load of cigs with him what a scream it was