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20th August 2007

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#1 11 years ago

hi all.. codwaw is 1 of my favorite games.. i say 1 of because i have no 1 true favorite.. i like many of my games for different things.. but what i like most about codwaw is nazi zombies.. i do not play mp games any more because of all the cheating and imo is a waste of time any more.. i have cod coduo cod4mw and yes codwaw- someday i will get cod2.. * monkey bombs are cool. its a trip how the zombies freak over them.. nuclear silo map..> codwawnznuclearsilomonk.gif cod4mw is a cool game both it and waw sp games are too short [ not worth full price for a 10 minute sp game]. i have played mw a few times and stopped playing it only because i could not record it using zdsoft game recorder.. some months ago i got fraps and can record mw and bioshock too- bio was another game zd would not work with.. any way. i think just the sp games i like waw more than mw and well with nazi zombies- codwaw knocks mw out the box. i do not play mp or co op i only play solo. codwaw and nazi zombies gives me replay ability or id never play waw again other than to record a video play through which i plan to do for all my cod games as with all my other games. as a fact if not for recording i would never play mw again. being mw2 sp is so short and i dont think it has anything sp like nazi zombies when game over and for us sp players. im in no hurry to buy mw2. i will get it sometime and after the price goes down.. * villa2 a cool map i think..> YouTube - CoDWaW nz villa 2 3 waw and many many custom maps keeps me in nazi zomies. some are a lil hard playing solo.. but in time i open up everything and get the good weapons etc. and learn the best defensible spots to take on zombies or hell hounds.. waw and nazi zombies gives me value and is more like say hl2 mods or ut04 and all the extra maps and can play sp bot matches. i wish other games thought more of us sp players and when the sp game is over and not just think about mp players.. imo waw is looking out for us sp players.. codwaw0368.jpg codwaw runs like a top for me.. i guess my 1 complaint is the sound is odd- others have said guns etc sound weak-- but i also notice a popping sound from time to time- like when a buffer is to high on a media player and playing mp3's or something.. i have new sound drivers but dont help it. other than that. i have no problems with waw and i love the ww2 era. i wish i could have lived and fight in that war and maybe be dead by now. dying in the ww2 war would have been great too.. im ashamed to live in these times as of today.. soon the last of the great ones will be gone.. mw and my other cod games run great too. but for some reason no matter how high i set bright etc in cod and uo all my videos come out dark. i dont know how to fix it. so. i have not done a play through of cod or uo and might not in the future either.. mohaa is another old game.. but does not record dark like the old cod games.. i wish i could figure it out.. i prefer cod games over moh- id love to add the videos to my collection on youtube. as of now i have some 2,319 videos on youtube and many game play throughs.. games like stalker- bioshock- mohaa- fc- and hl2 and epi's 1 and 2- prey and rtcw and many more to go. *chemplant elite is a cool map.. its so many and many are really cool..> YouTube - CoDWaW nz chemplant elite lvl 12 *the dogs are cool i guess. they can be hard if they just spawn on ya and not in a good defensible place. i cant beat them if they can hit me from all sides-- i like to make them come down a hall after me something like that any way. the wunderwaffe is a sweet gun.. the kyassuru map..> codwawnzkyassurudogs1.gif lately ive been making animated gif's. i think they are pretty cool- its a lil work and multi steps. being i dont have a paid program that will do it fast and easy.. but keep them at or under 2mb they are pretty sweet.. **my youtube codwaw play list with some 40 or so zombie maps.. im recording a few more now and its tons i do not have.. i read its best not to have no more installed then about 40 at a time so.. maps im playing and recording now are dark house- rage2 v2- warmington- doom3x- ufso- and house.. im disabled and all i do is game. i have nothing but time. and most of the time im gaming some 17 hours a day 365. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. YouTube - ezeht's Channel ** a link to my imageshack screens gif's etc.. ImageShack® - ezeht's Profile Page i hope you enjoy and i hope you others share too.. take care see ya..:) codwaw134wy0.jpg codwaw0682.jpg