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#1 11 years ago

Some of you may though that CoDFiles have had problems with CoD WaW files. This has basically meant that all Cod 5 files could not be added correctly and the same with CoD 4. To fix this we have moved all the files out of CoD 4 and CoD WaW files into a directory in the original CoD Files catagory while the 2 sites are being worked on. So in short to add a file to CoD 4 or Cod WaW files you will need to select CoDfiles and follow the categories until you find the correct one. Note Cod, Cod UO and Cod 2 are all unaffected and it is business as usual for them.

Call of Duty Files - Upload Your Files!

Files will be moved back to there proper game site when the sites are fixed. So you are free to send in your files again and we will get them up for you as soon as possible.