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nimo333 Well screw you President SKREWB and screw military. I'm a man of religion and I'm anti war and military. Let all the soldiers die and I don't care for what they get themselves into. I know that many joined because they are poor and they need food to eat but to me it is still not a good reason to join the army, I die and I won't join any army that goes to war. Now you tell me, why should we support troops, what good have they done, want defending from other countries. They are also like you as being humans and they also have the same thing as military maybe in a different format but we are all humans and humans will advance if they just work together instead of fighting one another. Ok, defending yourself and the country is fine but I never saw that in America, the US has always used force and tried to be an empire and it has successeded but what is wrong is that you people can't see it.

And don't tell me not to get into politics because Supporting Troops is politics.

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Theres no offensive language, Perhaps hes reporting his opinion? And if that's so I don't see any reason to edit his post.