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what features come with 1.5?


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Added one new Multiplayer map. This map supports all current game types:


Tigertown is a small farm town located in Normandy, France which has been partially destroyed by a heavy artillery attack. The environment is designed for "Search and Destroy" as the American Airborne forces push their way up the town's hillside to knock out the flak88 and Tiger tank heavily guarded by the German Waffen SS. The Allied forces need to attack strategically and gain ground quickly so as to distract the Axis from properly defending their positions. Precision flanking from both sides is a key factor when taking over and controlling the town.

Players in HQ, RE, SD, TDM, and BEL games can now call timeouts. To call a timeout, use \matchtimeout in the console. To end a timeout in progress, use \matchtimein. These commands are bindable. (Note to mod-makers: in order to allow your players to call timeouts, the players have to belong to a team.ex: Allies/Axis.)

All time measurements are in milliseconds.

Related server cvars: 1. g_timeoutsAllowed - The number of timeouts allowed per side. 2. g_timeoutLength - The length of each timeout. 3. g_timeoutRecovery - The length of the preparation period which occurs after a time-in is called, or after a timeout expires. This recovery period is used to alert all players that play is about to begin. 4. g_timeoutBank - The total amount of time a team can spend in timeout. Related client cvars: 1. ui_timeoutsAllowed - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutsAllowed cvar. 2. ui_timeoutLength - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutLength cvar. 3. ui_timeoutRecovery - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutRecovery cvar. 4. ui_timeoutBank - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutBank cvar.

Added HTTP redirection for Servers running Mods or custom maps. To enable redirection on the server, set sv_wwwDownload to 1. Set sv_wwwBaseURL to the base directory where the files are stored. For example, if the server had a file named 'myfile' meant to be stored locally at \Call of Duty\Main, sv_wwwBaseURL should be set to "http://samplewebpage1.com/". The file should be stored at http://samplewebpage1.com/Main/myfile. To prevent clients from taking up a slot on the server while downloading, set sv_wwwDlDisconnected to 1. This will free up a slot for the duration of the download and the client will attempt to autoconnect when the download is complete. Set cl_wwwDownload to 1 to enable redirection downloading on the client.


Client console lock- Servers can now opt to disable a client's access to the console by setting sv_disableClientConsole to 1. Mod creators should reference the "Decimal Type Field" information under Scripting and Mods support.

Added g_deadChat - This server setting gives admins the ability to allow dead players to chat with live players. Set this cvar to 1 to enable dead chatting.

Added extra vote options - Players can now vote to change the killcam, draw friendly icons, and friendly fire settings. (These do not use new cvars, rather they give players the chance to change existing ones: scr_killcam, scr_drawfriend, and scr_friendlyfire.)

Voting cvars for all vote options - Allows server admins to decide which voting options their clients have access to. Set the cvar to 1 if you want to permit players' votes on that option. New Cvars: g_allowVoteKick, g_allowVoteMap, g_allowVoteMapRestart, g_allowVoteMapRotate, g_allowVoteTempBanUser, g_allowVoteTypeMap, g_allowVoteDrawFriend, g_allowVoteFriendlyFire, and g_allowVoteKillCam.

TDM scoring- Added an option to have killing teammates or committing suicide during a TDM game reduce the team's score as well as the individual's. This option is controlled by a cvar (scr_teamscorepenalty) and defaults to 0, which is the original scoring method.

Private clients - The server browser now accurately displays the total number of clients on a server-regardless of whether some of them are private clients. The number of open private client slots is never displayed. Instead, when a private client slot is filled, the perceived max clients value will increase.

Improved portal seams throughout the game.

Corrected an exploit that caused some servers to shut down unexpectedly.

Corrected an issue where screenshots sometimes appeared black on ATI(r) Radeon(tm) 9800 cards

The games_mp.log file now records and formats all information properly in games longer than 999 minutes.

The command "updatescreen" no longer turns off the ambient sound

scr_friendlyfire, scr_killcam, and scr_drawfriend are now read only cvars and need to be setup in a config file prior to running a server. These cvars can be changed in-game by using the voting system provided voting is enabled.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Several features of the 1.5 Call of Duty(tm) patch are intended for makers of end-user mods or to allow compatibility with certain mod features. Most of the items listed below will only function properly with scripting support from a mod.

New Server-Side Mod functionality - Server admins now have a way to flag pak files as being "Server-Side only" and clients will never attempt to download those pak files, regardless of client or server autodownload settings. To enable this feature, place the following text anywhere in the name of the pak file: "_svr_" (without the quotes). For instance, myservermod.pk3 would become myservermod_svr_.pk3. This allows a server admin to leave downloading on at all times without clients attempting to download the mod and will be especially helpful for modded servers that run custom maps.

Added Squad chat - Players can now be assigned to squads from script. In script, set the "self.sessionsquad" variable to one of the squad values: "free", "squad_alpha" or "squad_bravo". The default setting is "free". There is a new console command, which allows players to send a message to only their squad mates. In the console, type "say_squad ". If the player is in a squad, his message will be sent to each of his squadmates. If he is not in a squad, the message will be sent to each of his teammates. Finally, if he is not on a team, it will be sent to everyone. To bind this functionality to a key, use "\bind [key] "messagesquad"".

Increased max cvar limit for MP: MAX_CVARS = 2048

Added Script command for player speed (The "maxspeed" script command sets a player's speed before stance modifiers. If this feature is not used, the game functions as normal. Ex: self maxspeed(250)

Decimal Type Fields added - Menus can now be tweaked (to compensate for the loss of console access when using sv_disableclientconsole). Print float values by using ITEM_TYPE_DECIMALFIELD in the menu files. Pair up the decimal field with the cvar/itemdef you wish to set and make sure that, within the decimal field's itemdef, there is a cvarfloat defining the field's permitted numerical range.

Added Autodemo - The autodemo capability consists of two script commands: autodemostart and autodemostop. These commands should be placed in the .gsc and the syntax of the command is this: player autodemostart();. To enable the autodemo capability on the server, set g_autodemo to 1. To force a client to accept the autodemo command, set cg_autodemo to 1. Autodemos must be enabled on the server in order for the client's setting to matter-if g_autodemo is set to 0, clients will not receive the command.

Added Autoscreenshot - The autoscreenshot capability relies on a script command: autoscreenshot. This command should be placed in the .gsc and the syntax of the command is this: player autoscreenshot();. To enable the autoscreenshot capability on the server, set g_autoscreenshot to 1. To force a client to accept the autoscreenshot command, set cg_autoscreenshot to 1. Autoscreenshots must be enabled on the server in order for the client's setting to matter-if g_autoscreenshot is set to 0, clients will not receive the command.

Added a new demo fast forward command - "jumptodemoend".

Added 'getstance()' - A script command which returns which stance a player is in: stance = self getstance(); Returned values will be "stand", "crouch", or "prone."