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21st December 2003

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#1 16 years ago

i was going to wait for the page to be posted but its been like 3 days. :(

this is me pubbin on brecourt as an axis soldier going 57-17 with a kar98. It took me a total of ~9 hours. By far one of my quickest full length movies measuring in at 3:30 and 96MB.. but well worth it. i took the screenshots at 1024x768 then resized them in photoshop to 640x480 so the quality is much better than my previous movies.

all of the audio is from CoD. 3 audio tracks, music from the airfield, ambience from the berlin level. The other track is all of my weapon sounds. i dont have a sound card so i imported each sound file individiually and synched them up with the video. not an easy task and very time consuming, but i think the movie is alot better because of it.

My first foray into CoD movie making, I think it turned out well. Right click save as. Thanks Frick and (URL removed - please don't advertise) for hosting, speeds are blazing fast. Buy a server from them damn it.

You can find my other movies at, "de-evolution" and "welcome to hk2"


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8th December 2003

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#2 16 years ago

You can use Fraps to record demos into avi video. It's far easier than using one of those AVI scripts to take one screenshot a second and then trying to cram all the audio and get it synced up, etc.