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27th May 2004

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#71 15 years ago

camping aint bad wen your the camper plus the only other bad thing is wen people complain about it


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11th May 2009

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#72 15 years ago

If ur on an objective map theres no reason to flame camping. Its what ya do to protect ur base/flag, whatever.


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14th June 2003

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#73 15 years ago

[QUOTE=matt_plo]ok, i hear alot of people on servers complaining about 'campers'. 1'st of all, this is not quake 3 arena. QUOTE=matt_plo]

You can chose whichever weapon you like. So can your enemy. What's to complain about?

[QUOTE=matt_plo]The reason why they put 'being prone' in tha game was so people could put them selves in low visibility areas and take people out. These maps are well made, but if everybody decides to run around them blindly shooting, then there is really no point making them so detailed.[/QUOTE=matt_plo]

This isn't Swat 3. Running around with an SMG is not shooting blindly, and it;s actually the best way to go.

[QUOTE=matt_plo]one last pisses me off so much when in pavlov when the 2 teams take building and have rifle wars, but then it gets ruined cause someone thought it would be fun to run around with a ppsh and murder everybody. sniping is ok people.[/QUOTE=matt_plo]

Not another "the PPsh is a noob gun" moron. Get with it dude. The Russians used the thing in the war, so it's in the game. If you want to play with rifles only, start a server for such.

Camping is bad in a few ways though.

1. When someone is camping constantly, they are probably wasting themselves in the game and not helping their team.

2. Camping prone in a room where there's a box of bazookza with a bazooka in your hand to shoot at whoever comes in is sissy play. Ban the woosie.

3. Camping at a flag or other objective is a waste of a player. You can do more good fighting on foot to acomplish a goal than hanging out at your flag to shoot at guys coming to capture it. If several people on a team camp at the same time, that team becomes weak and looses momentum, which is absolutely necessary to win.

Sniping is not camping, however. It's a legit way to fight. Camping for a few minutes before moving on would be ok too. But when someone constantly camps, thay are not contributing to their team.