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17th November 2004

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#1 16 years ago

I recently was browsing through the Rant threads and came by the thread about what sucks about COD, and many others. I would like to state my mind... 1) Firearm sounds: I happen to know for a fact (as many here do) that durring WWI & WWII that they did not wear ear protection very often, so they did not hear very well at all. If you want realism turn off your sound lol. I thought the BAR was pretty good. I have owned or fired almost everything out there, and spent my time in the USMC. 2) COD is the best WWII game out and even IronMan would probably agree. There is no need to bash him or anyone else for stating what could be better about any game, this criticism is the same thought process that the makers of these game titles go through in order to improve the next project. There is always room for improvement. 3) TDM does serve a purpose. It is how most of us learn, and has greatly improved personal performance, However I also agree with the debate that there is a lack of team based strategy (even on the objective levels) It is hard to join a good team if half of the members are running wild do not have a leader, a leader and following rank is an obvious miss in COD. I hope to see an improvment in the team based multiplayer setup in the future. 4) PPSH: NOOB weapon? yes look at the training for 80 percent of the Russian army it was made to be used by more or less noobies, but in the right hands can be a deadly weapon. 5) Gore: I would like to see more gore. If shot in the head a little brain would be nice. Settings for the younger players would be a neccesity. More gore would sink myself into the game a bit more. Kind of like a good movie, the more realistic the movie the less I think about the acting. (Braveheart) is a great example. 6) Pleae keep the replies civil I would like to hear responses and not have the post killed. Please forgive my misspelling I am not to interested in correcting my grammar! GAME ON!


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#2 16 years ago

I have been playing CoD online since it came out, everyday for over a year and I still don't know absolutely everything about it. Playing a game for so long seems a 'lil sad for some but to me it's normal. When you talk about the 'Noobs' running around with PPSh's, you're looking down upon them, when infact they're very effective and usefull in Clanwars (Search and Destroy) for the good ole 'Rushes'. The realism of the game is handicapped by the lack of Ragdoll/Physics engine. This of course is because it uses the Famous Q3 engine. The lack of Gore in the game is for the reason that all ages can play. If you want blood and gore, there is a mod you can download for it, The merciless mod. I do agree that there isn't really much Teamplay in this game. I think the reason is that it's all too quick or the maps are too small, or the timelimits for certain gametypes are too short. These can be changed with careful planning before hand. After all these 'lil pointers I still have the urge to play this game. No matter what 'lil flaws critics throw out at it, it still PWNS!