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6th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

{3PA} Battle of Britain Tournament!!!

80 Teams… 400 players… All you have to do is register; Win seven different games’ to be crowned the best of the best!!!!

Sounds easy??

Try it!! You will come up against the best clans in Europe…

You will have to prove yourself at Death Match, Team Death Match, Headquarters, Search & Destroy, Retrieval and even a match with rifles only!!

Still think you can do it… (Yawn) I’ve heard it all before… PROVE IT!!!

Register now at [color=blue] [/color]

It won’t take long to get 80 of the best!!! Don’t be left out!!

Closing date 28th June 2004…

Any Questions!!!! You can get me at: [color=blue][email=""][/email][/color]

Good luck if you enter!!! If you don’t win, don’t be embarrassed! You’ll get better!!!

{3PA}(GEN)Weeeeebang(S) aka “Moose Please note that all clan members registered to play must register on the tournament hosts forums link is available on the same page as sign up winners recieve one years webhosting