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#1 16 years ago

Dont use server FS Free Soldiers Call of Duty on united mp. I was tk'd about 3 times within entering the game and then banned for absolutley no reason. Can we say arse holes unlimited. I was mad at first but then thought about it and why would i want to play with idiots like that. K-Day:moon:

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#2 16 years ago

1. TKs are a part of any server in any game. You can't blame the server admin(s) for that, only the players.

2. Different servers have different rules. There are many valid reasons why you may have been kicked.

This was posted by another moderator in another forum and I have to agree for the most part.

If you have a problem with a server, or a specific server admin, or even other FH players, don't take it out on these forums. Your thread will most likely end up with members insulting eachother and pointless yes and no arguements. Instead try contacting the server admins by e-mail or through the server's website.

The most constructive thing to do is try to ask the server admin politely about the reasoning behind being kicked. Either that or just don't play there. There are many other fish in this wide ocean...

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#3 16 years ago

I know tk's are part of the games but the first 3 spawns i got tk'd within 5 secs and then no reason for getting kicked and get find the admin or get back on the server to ask. If I could I wouldnt be upset. but getting killed 3 times in about 20 sec and then getting kicked for asking whats with the tk'ing is just a bit upsetting


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#4 16 years ago

I have been banned by 2 or 3 admins simply because I ranked no. 1 on the team he was playing on, and in his sissy mind, that made him and his [clan] buddies look like they were not so ungodly in skill.

Tonight I was banned by the admin of |A1A|Cod UO server. At first I was kicked for nothing at all. I had reached no, 1 on my team and got kicked! After re-joining and asking him why, he said the server automatically kicked me for a high ping (200ms he said), but my ping to the server was only 54 ms! I told him there was no on-screen message telling me that I was kicked for a high ping and that my ping couls not get that high from 54 ms. He persisted that it was my ping. I told him that could not be true, so having caught the sissy in a lie and making his lie obvious to everyone on the server, the little looser banned me.

More than once I have been banned because I caught someone cheating and announced it to the players. The admin was on that cheater's team I guess, because I was banned, when instead the sissy admin should have spectated the one I named to see it for himself.

The problem is worst on clan servers. Much of the cheating in games is done by clan players, although I am sure there are a few honest clans out there. All in all, being banned from servers run by such immature and irresponsible admins is a favor to me - it saves me time trying to join a server I would not want to play on anyway!

The admin of =WFC= CoD UO Public server banned me too. I caught someone cheating and named them, so the sissy admin banned me. Cheating was rampant on that server at the time. I saw several people hacked beyond belief. You know the ones... guys that can take 14-20 rounds without dying at close range.