I got kicked from a server for no reason. -1 reply

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18th August 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I did nothing, I just played the game like I normally do.

My score was 30-9. They probably thought I was cheating, even though cheaters have much better scores than that. I was pretty much kicking their ass.

They didn't say anything, and then I was suddenly kicked.

I tried to reconnect and I was banned.

This is why 10 year olds shouldn't run servers.

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17th June 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Well, servers are privately owned so the admins can do whatever they want. Probably were freeing up space for others to join... :uhm:


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1st July 2004

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#3 16 years ago

This happens fairly often and theres nothing you can do about it except play on different servers. I dont generally worry about this type of thing because if they were stupid enough to ban me for no reason, Its not a place that I want to play.


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14th June 2003

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#4 16 years ago
Praet0rianI dont generally worry about this type of thing because if they were stupid enough to ban me for no reason, Its not a place that I want to play.


I have been banned by 2 or 3 admins simply because I ranked no. 1 on the team he was playing on, and in his sissy mind, that made him and his [clan] buddies look like they were not so ungodly in skill.

Tonight I was banned by the admin of |A1A|Cod UO server. At first I was kicked for nothing at all. I had reached no, 1 on my team and got kicked! After re-joining and asking him why, he said the server automatically kicked me for a high ping (200ms he said), but my ping to the server was only 54 ms! I told him there was no on-screen message telling me that I was kicked for a high ping and that my ping couls not get that high from 54 ms. He persisted that it was my ping. I told him that could not be true, so having caught the sissy in a lie and making his lie obvious to everyone on the server, the little looser banned me.

More than once I have been banned because I caught someone cheating and announced it to the players. The admin was on that cheater's team I guess, because I was banned, when instead the sissy admin should have spectated the one I named to see it for himself.

The problem is worst on clan servers. Much of the cheating in games is done by clan players, although I am sure there are a few honest clans out there. All in all, being banned from servers run by such immature and irresponsible admins is a favor to me - it saves me time trying to join a server I would not want to play on anyway!

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16th April 2004

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#5 16 years ago

yeah ignore the fags. Take it as a compliment. he recognises your skill, so felt he had to ban you.