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3rd January 2007

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#1 12 years ago

can anyone give me the basic training lowdown on how to own at sniping because im a decent sniper and i want to get better


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#2 12 years ago

I use a Logitech G5 lazer mouse, the speed is programable so you can slow it down on the fly when you are sighting through the scope. Get one maybe two kills then move,they will find you!


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19th August 2004

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#3 12 years ago

Hmm...well some basic concepts and somewhat real-life/COD game techniques I use in Team Deathmatch games are as follows:

1) Use your surroundings to your advantage - make use of high places overlooking long streets (i.e. Carentan), windows, doorways, bushes, trees, etc

2) Use your character's appearance wisely - if your a German playing in the Bocage level don't go prone in the middle of the field wearing light grey. If your an American in the same level use your brown/green clothing to your advantage with your surroundings

3) Don't worry about real-life sniping tactics...leading the target (sometimes) and aiming slightly above it doesn't do anything - COD does not equal real life

4) Always move - after you've killed someone find a new place to hide, you'll always be given up on servers with killcams

5) Use your compass - use it to find out where the action is! Hang back from all the other people and find out where the action is going down...find a good spot and hopefully be able to cover your own team

6) Always equip a good secondary weapon - make sure to always have a good secondary weapon (in my case a MG of sorts). While moving, equip it...only use your rifle when you're set up and good to go

7) Don't be predictable - most really good sniping points are very well known to online players, try finding new and different places throughout the course of the game (it's a good thing to realize that 90% of the players with you have the map memorized)

8) Wait for a good shot - if an enemy is below jumping around and not presenting a target which you think you have more than 50% chance of hitting, don't take the shot! Let him think he's safe for the moment and see if he'll stop or more of the enemy will show up

9) Use teammates as an advantage - if you can get a player to cover your back while you snipe then you're gold! Although, this doesn't happen alot outside of clan type games.

10) KNOW THE MAPS - get very familiar with them...if you know the map inside and out then you'll have no trouble knowing where the enemy likes to attack or be plus you'll have full knowledge of every sniper nest around.

11) Decide which sniper rifle you like best and use it - you're choices are the Kar98k, the Mosin Nagat, Lee-Enfield, and the Springfield...find out which one you like the best and stick with it.

12) Remember - the other team has snipers too! Use you map smarts to look out for them as well as regular soldiers.

13) When you're looking through the scope always be moving it - never set your sights on one area for more than 2 seconds unless you're taking a shot, always have the scope moving across your field of fire or someone is likely to take you out or better yet you'll miss a very good target


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#4 12 years ago

As others said do not camp and do not stay too long in the same spot take your shot and leave - Only beginners associate sniping with camping. Zoom only when you take the shot (when in a team use your scope to see ahead of your teammates warning them of any danger). As a sniper though (and generally as a battle-hardened player) it is important to learn to be observant (argus-eyed). My sniper-specific tips would be to visualize the cross of the scope on your target before zooming and taking the shot (visually center your target and estimate the position of your cross). Lastly but most importantly never think, never hesitate when you're taking the shot. Aim/Shoot by your heart not by your brain - everything must be instantaneous. Sometimes it is hard to grasp the meaning of the last sentence but when you do you'll see you'll be faster and deadlier than the next guy (same philosophy applies to bolt action rifles). Take your time when learning the game and the use of a scoped weapon - sniping is a particular art.

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27th April 2007

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#5 12 years ago

:runaway:My tactic is to shoot a litle ahead of the target and i usually hit the target and thats not because you think i lag. and other good trick is to go prone and back to the crouch position and shoot if some sniper is aiming at you