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8th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hey guys, some of you may remember the old [FA] rifles only... server due to some hosting issues we had to find a new company, before the change it was a very populated bolt action only server with many skilled players. I can usually come first or second with a bolt action nonscoped rifles on regular server even with smg's present:) . but i dont think i ever came in better than third place on my server. Anyway enough rambling. [FA] rifles only.. is back!!! I am currently running a 16 man dm server slots will go up if needed. I have buzzgoodies/hamgoodies/powerserver w/ dgc hud mods without the splash messages exept for suicides one cook nade per spawn and pistols have been limited to 3 rounds per clip with nine total rounds little to no download time for these mods american m1garand has been replaced with the the russian bolt action. IP:: thanks [FA]tar6et