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#1 9 years ago

HI I have made a new mod for CODUO but I need a clan or anybody else to help me test it I HAVE MY OWN SERVER Server Name: THE NAZIS PLAYGROUND!!! Server IP: Server Location: UK REMEMBER TO TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MY SERVER!!! some of the new features are planes flying over tripwires new weapons including gas and petrol bombs scoped g43 and svt40 etc tiger tanks, king tigers, stugs on normal maps like cassino and kursk etc bleeding pain screen kill taunts vsay taunts more vsay voices like "cover me im reloading" etc weapon jams flash lights new skins, uniforms and sounds blood promotion music map end music random mortars punch weapon drop leg trip welcome screen new gametypes fog and lots lots more firefly56 email me on [EMAIL="ff56/"]ff56/[/EMAIL]