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20th June 2004

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We wanna invite YOU and your friends to a great tournament!! This is the 3rd tournament in the "campaign" tour!! Some info!! The tourny is the 3rd & gonna be called [color=blue]"the Italian/Balkan campaign"[/color] & just gonna contain maps from that region! And so make a series of tourneys with different campaigns from 1942 (North Africa) - 1945 (Berlin). So next would be [color=red]"the Normandy campaign"[/color]. Then [color=red]"the France/Low countries campaign"[/color]. Etc. [color=green]The 3rd tourny gonna be played on sunday 16th of October! Start time: 18.00 CET (time can change. if so I´ll post it)[/color] 1# The server gonna be located in Holland! 2# TS for teams (thats wanna use it) 3# Gametype UO TDM! 4# Mixed teams! (clans can enter but they may not play together) 5# 1 map = 2 x 10 mins 6# Game. CoD United Offensive! 7# Each team gonna be 5 - 8 peeps 8# Each team is guaranteed atleast 2 games/maps & most 3 maps / tournament! 9# [color=red]Sniper limit = 1 sniper / team![/color] 10# Each Team HAS to be ready atleast 10 min before each game!! 11# If the team isn´t ful we start anyway!! It´s upto the teamleader to get the team together. If the teamleader can´t get hold of some in his/hers team he/she MUST contact the staff (trakorio)! Cause there is gonna be reserves!! 12# The tourny is with custom maps only with maps conserning the campaign! [color=red]Go to our websit: HERE! and go to the forum to read more and to sign up!![/color] [color=orange]Any questions?? Ask them on our forum or here!![/color] [color=blue][size=18]Remember it´s all about meet new people and have fun!![/size][/color] :D