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7th November 2003

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#61 16 years ago
true. but lookie here. they rebuilt germany SO quickly, even with east and west germany. modern technogly was created outta ww2.

Because the US funded them with billions.

apperantly, the Russians captured German (?.....possibly other countriy people)men, killed them, took girls and raped them, but didnt kill them. raped again and again, but never killed them.....i cant respect the Russians for that.

I dont respect russians for that, but you have to agree between the germans and russians, it wasnt just a war, it was personal. What the russians did to the germans is no way comparable to what the germans did to the russians. They started the war, the ss murder civilians for fun, they wiped cities, destroy churches, killed random civilians, so the russians took revange. Hundreds of russian cities were demolish and millions died. What the germans did the most is that they thought them to hate, and when you hate that much, you cant love properly again.

Example: Your a 15 year old and your town is invaded by the germans. SS man come in your house, kick your family out in the cold while the officers stay there in the house. Then they rape your mother and sister, and kill your father. In the end you survive the horror. Now wouldnt you hate the germans? You would want to wreak havoc on them as they did to you. Thats how it really was between the russians and germans.

By the way, I used parts of the example from memoirs of russians citezens during the war.